Sharing stories is possibly one of the most important ways we have of communicating with each other.

It is how we share our hopes and fears, dreams, and passions and what we believe and value as well as what we do not.

We discover and make sense of our lives by telling the stories we live and we find out about other lives by listening to the stories they tell

Indigenous Lands Corporation - Training to Employment Programs 

Recently I worked with the Indigenous Lands Corporation to capture many inspirational stories from across Australia of individuals that were participating in the Training to Employment programs.

Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding

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2013 - The year that was - as documented on my iPhone

Video credit: Susan Rooney-Harding - Inspireevery1 Productions 

As a photographer I take 1000's of images every year. On my iPhone alone I took over 4000 images in 2013. What an amazing way to document my life. So here's my year in images and wow what a year it was - I travelled across the country a few times, had some crazy adventures, met some awesome people, heard their stories, saw some amazing things, hug-out with some beautiful friends and family and learnt some really cool stuff. So heres to life - and what an amazing life it is.

A day in the life of a sheep dog

Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding - ABC Open Riverland & Tara Sloane